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René Cheng is a bi-cultural Mexican artist of German and Chinese descent who lives in Mexico and Europe. His artistic skills and creativity span many art movements. His sharp eye and skillful hands capture color and light harmoniously on the canvas, which several investors recognize and for which it is already part of his private collections. His work is distinguished by its vivid and cheerful colors, like its theme: beauty and life itself, a look, emotions, as well as its social criticism. His work is changing and evolving, like art itself. This master painter is an award-winning artist and has participated in different solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Italy (Chivasso, Meneghetti), England (RBA - Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2021), France (Paris, Singulart), Spain (MEAM , European Museum of Modern Art, Free Art Gallery, Yuri López Kullins Gallery and Roma Art Gallery), Scotland (RSA - The Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture RSA Annual Exhibition - OPEN ART 2021), Argentina (V International Biennial of Contemporary Art Argentina), Switzerland (Artbox), Greece and the United States of America (Art Expo NY, Spectrum Miami, Dallas Art Expo, Richeson School of Art and in Los Angeles). 

In the words of Adriana Cantoral: "René Cheng's work covers the extremes of painting: from the most meticulous, patient and fascinating hyperrealism, to the freest, loosest and most playful abstract. In this way, his oil paintings fluctuate between the figurative, the impressionist, the expressionist, as well as several other styles.It is worth mentioning that in most of his paintings the color is dynamic, penetrating, vibrant, lively and audacious, since he makes use of ancestral knowledge and techniques, which they transmute into pure light on the canvas. THAT is his artistic signature. We are before an all-terrain artist, with a free spirit towards his painting and, especially, towards art. His pictorial work is definitely honest, transparent, communicative and passionate".


He has exhibited in the following museums: Officina de la Scrittura and at the Palazzo Enaudi (Turin Italy), Soumaya Museum, San Carlos Museum and the Contemporary Mexico Cultural Center Museum (CDMX), Dr. Luis Mota Maciel Museum (Acámbaro, Michoacán) and at the Anahuac University, CDMX. All his work is protected by copyright in the INDAUTOR and each work of art has its own unique certificate of authenticity.


He is a member of the following societies: Badischer Kunstverein in Germany, ARTAC in Mexico, as well as AIAP, an NGO associated with UNESCO and the IAA; IGOR (International Guild of Realism) in the USA. His work has been published in several internationally recognized art magazines and books, such as: (MEAM, Galería arte libre, Leonardo, Art & Beyond, International Contemporary Masters XIII, IGOR, etc.)

Artistic influences: from life and nature itself, as well as the following artists: Da Vinci, Klimt, van Vermeer, Renoir, Rembrandt, Dalí, Kandinsky, Richter, Millani, Philipp Weber, Volegov, Martín callendo, the 25 IBEX masters and very especially José-Luis Corella, teacher of teachers.

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